We must!


I pledge to God Almighty and to my fellow Americans:


·             To learn the Constitution for the United States of America.

·             To learn the Constitution of the state in which I live.

·             To join with other Freedom-loving Americans to become a participating citizen.

·             To contribute my God-given talents in order that I may uphold, protect & further the cause of Liberty.

·             To do nothing from selfish ambition or vain conceit, but from humility for the glory of God & Country. 

·             To cooperate & collaborate with my fellow Americans towards a unified nation.

·             To combine redundant efforts for greater impact and to further the cause of Freedom.

·             To treat my fellow American as I would like to be treated:


with Dignity 

with Respect

with Kindness

with Charity






Text "DEFEND" to 474747






Eliminate Critical Race Theory in Missouri schools.


We can not allow our children's hearts and minds to be destroyed by CRT. Parents must stand and be counted at school board meetings.


Election Integrity


America's renewal began in 2017 with free political speech in the pulpit, and American industries revived. Now comes reformation as America faces socialism & communism. Are you ready to fight for Missouri as a place that is pro-freedom?

Are You Ready To Make America Free Again? Text "DEFEND" to 474747 to get plugged in to Defend Missouri!

We must have paper ballots in our Missouri elections. Electronic machines are a big problem. We need chain of custody w/ people counting votes, with a paper trail.

Defend Missouri : Freedom Pledge