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Election Integrity.

The 10th Amendment enumerates the rights of our states. We must seize this critical time, and promote a civic mindset and take back abdicated ground. The cultural Marxists aka Cancel Culture are pathologically malicious towards the traditional family and the Biblical church and it can't be reasoned with. We fight and win with an America First agenda at the state and local level.


To Make America Free Again (in Missouri):


  • Election Audits - particularly where vote totals are never the same after recounts

  • Paper Ballots

  • Identify & Remove Corrupt Voting Machinery & Protocol

  • Prohibit foreign software to be used in our country

  • Audit 2020 Vote - Defending The Republic | Navarro Report

  • More voting locations in the urban core to limit organized crime / gangbangers from intimidating law abiding voters

  • Stop Ballot Harvesting at Nursing homes by expanding polling sights to all nursing homes and election day voting

  • Aggressively Prosecute Ballot Harvesters: If a ballot harvester is found to have voted on Behalf of a nursing home resident, that contradicts the desires of any resident vote collected, the harvesters will receive a fine of $10,000 per manipulated vote X # of residents in nursing home and up to 1 year in federal prison X # of residents in nursing home. 

  • 1st Amendment (Free Speech) in the Public Square, our Churches etc.

  • Speech First on Campuses - It needs to be clear to all Missouri state funded schools, that if you prohibit free speech, or have "speech codes" on your campus, that you will lose state funding. 

  • Stop Big Tech's silencing of non-socialists and their manipulation of our communications (including Fake News)

  • Buy from Missouri companies or America First companies

  • Stop China from buying Missouri farmland and businesses (closely held and public) and utilities

  • School Choice. 

  • That our children are to love the word of God (Bible) in our public schools.

  • No more masks in schools K-12 or University level

  • Support Girl / Women Sports. No Title IX chicanery with boys competing against girls

  • Patient Bill of Rights for side effects of drugs or vaccines where negligent doctors face significant professional consequences

  • Ban trans-gender surgeries on kids in Missouri under the age of 18 years old

  • No Vaccine Passports in Missouri / Vaccine Freedom (Ivermection & HCQ over the counter access)

  • Right to try potentially life saving drugs

  • Back The Blue. Support our Police, First Responders.

  • Candidate recruitment classes – city council, Sheriff

  • Keep churches 100% open, no mask mandates

  • Stop China from buying Missouri companies

  • Bring back American companies from overseas

  • Keystone Pipeline must remain open (litigate this up to the Supreme Court)

  • Teach the US Constitution & the Bible verses of our Constitution's underpinnings as well as George Whitfield & other sermons that led to the American Revolution for 1 semester in Missouri High Schools & Colleges (required class)

  • Teach kids in schools that communists are the cause of over 100 million deaths since early 20th Century - share which countries were part of the mass murder by communists & socialists

  • Promote solid reading, writing & arithmetic (STEM) curriculum in our schools and get SJWs out of school leadership

  • Ban Critical Race Theory and intersectionalism teaching / courses in colleges, high schools, grade schools

  • Expose corruption

  • Stop human trafficking in Missouri 888-373-7888

  • Pro-Life measures that increase and enhance the sanctity of life

  • Attend School Board Meetings / City Council

  • No common core curriculum

  • Impeachment petition drives for corrupt policies & politicos

  • Unjust prosecutors be impeached

  • Find Lawyers to help on 1st Amendement issues

  • Nullification of un-Constitutional DC overreach via petitions, lawsuits

  • Clean up of Missouri cities along lines of Scott Presler

  • Identify America First candidates for all offices and recruit candidates

  • Support Constitutionalist candidates

  • Make Missouri a Free Speech sanctuary where we can sue Big Tech if need be, for any censorship (cancel culture), reputation or financial damages


Are you passionate about an issue impacting Missouri pertaining to DC Overreach? Let's unify and act!




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