Here's what HR 1 does:


HR 1 does automatic voter registration when you do anything with the federal government, be it collecting food stamps, applying for a student loan, signing up for Medicaid, etc etc


HR 1 registers millions of illegal aliens to vote AND any illegal that has illegally voted to date, faces no liability


HR 1 prevents the states from removing dead people from their voting rolls


HR 1 mandates that ALL felons can vote, with the likely result that millions of illegals & criminals will keep democrats in power forever


HR 1 strikes down election integrity laws at the state level across the board including photo I.D.s, voter I.D. laws ...


Per Ted Cruz, interestingly, Georgia, Arizona and West Virginia, which all 3 have Democratic senators, are willing to strike down their own state voting laws to allow ballot harvestiing, where an operative goes into a nursing homes and collects hundreds of ballots and can toss out the ballots he/she doesn't like.


Thank you Senator Ted Cruz for summarizing HR 1, as you have aptly re-named The Corrupt Politicians' Act.

Election Integrity.

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